Il corpo

Piero Umiliani
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Piero Umiliani - Il corpo

Il corpo

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“Il corpo” is the last movie completing Liugi Scattini’s trilogy, which started with “La ragazza dalla pelle di luna” (1972) and then continued with “La ragazza fuoristrada” (1973), all skillfully orchestrated by maestro Umiliani. This is an erotic-noir film which has many elements in common with movies like “Ossessione” (“Obsession) or “I diabolici” (Les Diaboliques) and it focuses on the relationship between Enrico Maria Salerno and the sensual Zeudi Araya.

Inevitably, Umiliani’s music privileges jazz and funky moods, dominated by the Hammond organ and wah wah – which were typical in many movies of the mid ‘70s – alternated with languid and almost “sleazy” instrumental ballads. “Hard times”, “Stream” and “White sand” remind us of Umiliani’s familiarity with jazz atmospheres, while “In the end” and “Free life” bring to our mind white sand beaches, naked bodies lying in the sun and erotic scenes. This soundtrack finds its strength in melancholy, but also in drama and tension – and it beautifully complements Scattini’s trilogy.

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Artista Piero Umiliani
Catalogo SCEB 923 CD
Etichetta Schema Easy (SCEB)
Formato CD
Anno 2015