Break n' Bossa - Chapter 8

Various Artists
Format: 2 CD

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Various Artists - Break n' Bossa - Chapter 8

Break n' Bossa - Chapter 8

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Finally, some years later, a new chapter of Break n’Bossa has come out, one of the most appreciated collection which  became in the past a certain kind of “trade-mark” from Schema Records.
The purpose of this new release is to highlight a variety of music that came out in the last few years, which fully fit in the style of Schema projects.

We are talking about a double CD which contains both unreleased pieces and remixes suitable for both listening (especially on the first Cd) and dancing (particularly on the second). This first CDs showcases new material from the likes of Mario Biondi, Gerardo Frisina, The Dining Rooms, The Invisible Session, Luis Ferri. Fine tunes in a contemporary Bossa-key where compositions like “No Mercy For Me”, “Jurubeba”, “Pinkie” stand out particularly, yet only to reveal more gems to be discovered. Two amongst all are the excellent remix of The Invisible Session from Mitchell & Dewbury, along with the new version of Ocean from The Dining Rooms.


The second CD in fact is mixed accurately by Luciano Cantone, Schema Records co-founder as well as artistic director. A smooth yet up-beat ride on the waves of contemporary club-Bossa rhythms.
S-Tone Inc., Rosalia de Souza, Fedreghini & Bianchi, Mario Biondi and The Dining Rooms never sounded so cohesive when played altogether.

If CD 1 is more for an accurate listen, this one instead is uncompromisingly designed to dance at different levels of intensity.

Never out on CD before here are 2 tracks by Brazilian chanteuse Rosalia De Souza: Onde Anda O Meu Amor –  remix by Fedreghini & Bianchi - and Rio De Janeiro – Beatfanatic Remix - which is a different take to the one released in 2006 on 12” (SCEP 418).

Brazilian themed parties; club-nights or events will benefit hugely from this mixed collection… Time to dance now!

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Artista Various Artists
Catalogo SCCD 439
Etichetta Schema (SC)
Formato 2 CD
Anno 2008