Forma 2000

Nicola Conte
Format: 12" EP

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Forma 2000

Forma 2000

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The new, third single from the album "Jet Sounds" from Italy's most sophisticated producer. As a sequel to "Bossa Per Due" this new track digs deep in the late sixties Brazilian sound with dreamy female vocals soft samba percussion and a feelling close to his remix of "Love Beat" made for Yoshinori Sunahara. This tune is one of the highlights of the album, released in September 2000.

On the other side there's a big band nu-jazz workout. An incredible 5/4 theme with live alto sax, you'll hear about it: "Jazz pour Dadine". An ideal soundtrack for this comin' summer, a cocktail of Italian style and bossa, jazz and experimental sounds.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Artista Nicola Conte
Catalogo SCEP 325
Etichetta Schema (SC)
Formato 12" EP
Anno 2000