Look out

Schema Sextet
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Look out

Look out

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As taken from the linear notes of the album: A leading direction of contemporary jazz lies in bringing up to light, after a basic creative revisiting, important pages from that huge heritage of compositions and arrangements which the march of jazz is studded. An expressive dimension at a high level pointed out by this sextet of young but mature musicians who debut here as a group. A band definitely showing up the knowledge, the global sense of the jazz history, even if the roots of its components are mostly in the bop tradition and in the experiences of 60's and 70's deriving from it. That's why it is not correct to consider the musical proposal of "Look Out" as a remake of one of the most famous Italian and European jazz combo of the 50's and 60's: the quintet (further known as sextet with the addition of trombone player Dino Piana) of Gianni Basso and Oscar Valdambrini. It cannot be a remake because the Schema Sextet has been inspired by the wish of capturing the unmistakable sound of those groups in order to project it in today's reality, reinventing it through the diverse feeling of young contemporary musicians. It cannot even be defined as a philological work because, except for Rosario Giuliani, nobody of them have ever studied the tracks listening to the original versions : in fact, in the full of gaps discography of this group, we don't find the entire live repertoire, and for this reason Gianni Basso in person had to send to Rosario Giuliani the scores for the tracks that were never recorded.
Maurizio Franco

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Artista Schema Sextet
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