Theme from Cocktail Nova / Mrs Beat (remixes)

Format: 12" EP

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Theme from Cocktail Nova

Theme from Cocktail Nova / Mrs Beat (remixes)

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"Every bit as wonderful as you'd expect!" (Dusty Groove America) "Theme From Cocktail Nova" is a great tune that mixes together bossa nova rhythms, warm organ grooves, and some percussion on tabla -- giving the set a great global groove! Female vocals slide into the track wordlessly, with bits of electric piano and guitar snaking through as well -- all wrapped up by Nicola Conte into a lovely summer groove! "Mrs Beat" has a harder-edged sound -- remixed here by Hammond Inferno, and given a bit of a dancefloor kick.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Artista Balanço
Catalogo SCEP 335
Etichetta Schema (SC)
Formato 12" EP
Anno 2001