The Gods of the Yoruba / Cohete

Gerardo Frisina
Format: 12" EP

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Gods of the Yoruba

The Gods of the Yoruba / Cohete

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Introducing the new album “The Latin Kick” coming out in October, this 12” contains two tracks.

The song entitling this single, “The Gods Of the Yoruba” is a cover of the same Horace Silver’s song, although reworked in a Latin Jazz key. The music develops around a horn section leading the main tune. Whilst the rhythm disguises a more ‘clubby’ bass drum, the jazz harmonies well combine with it through expressive solos. A refined and hunting track.

On side B there is a brand new piece “Cohete”. A tune that could be even stronger in clubs. The hypnotic flute dominates an incessant, Afro-Caribbean rhythm pattern, creating the feeling of a ritual drumming. Quite simply, irresistible.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Artista Gerardo Frisina
Catalogo SCEP 399
Etichetta Schema (SC)
Formato 12" EP
Anno 2005