White Riot EP

The Dining Rooms
Format: 12" EP

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White Riot EP

White Riot EP

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"White Riot Ep" is the fourth and last single from "Experiment in Ambient Soul" album. The Ep starts with the unreleased track "White Riot", an uptempo, nervous funk tune dedicated to all those who are ready to stand up for their ideals. The concept of the track came about when Stefano Ghittoni found a sample of some students chorus against police from the Berkeley fights of mid sixties. In those days The Dining Rooms were working on an uptempo track and decided to use that sample on it and title the song "White Riot" (paying tribute and respect for the inspiration drawn from the homonymous song of The Clash).

The second track of side A is a Boozoo Bajou remix of "Afrolicious", the German duo took a lot of sounds from the original but used them in a dubby way. The result is an electronic funky tune, with reggae atmospheres and a western steel guitar.

The B side starts with a Gecko Turner P-funk interpretation of "Milano Calibro 9", courtesy of Lovemonk Records, and ends up with a intriguing and stylish remix of "Experiments in Ambient Soul" by the uptempo cinematic Koom.h.

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Artista The Dining Rooms
Catalogo SCEP 414
Etichetta Schema (SC)
Formato 12" EP
Anno 2006