Nodo Gordiano
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Nodo Gordiano is back with their definitive masterpiece. After their
successful debut dated 1999 and the rather experimental and improvised
"Alea" from 2005, "Flektogon" is surely the magnum opus of this band
hailing from Rome. Their spooky, dark and complex, yet pretty dreamy
progrock has an irresistible hypnotic edge that catches the listener
from the very beginning.
Besides some shorter tracks, the most outstanding moment of this
record is the 30 minute long psych-opus "Avventure di mastarna", a
progressive firework in which the music develops its very different
moods while keeping a regular pattern and taking the listener on an
adventurous and never boring musical trip.
This is what progrock is all about and how it should always be! Highly

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Artista Nodo Gordiano
Catalogo AMS 162 CD
Etichetta Btf - AMS
Formato 1CD