L'ultima danza di Ophelia

Magia nera
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Magia nera - L'ultima danza di Ophelia

L'ultima danza di Ophelia

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La nascita dei Magia nera risale al 1969 vicino alla città di La Spezia.
Il genere prescelto all'epoca era un primordiale dark progressive rock in un epoca in cui dominava il beat.
Scelta coraggiosa e difficile. Dopo i primi anni spesi fra composizione e cover dei Led Zeppelin, Cream, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Jimi Hendrix i Magia Nera vennero contattati da Aldo De Scalzi per incidere un album per l'etichetta Magma. Le registrazioni erano terminate quando il destino si accanì sulla band: un incendio distrusse tutti i nastri e la band si sciolse poco dopo.
Giorgio Mangora in questi ultimi anni è riuscito a riunire gran parte dei musicisti originali e a far reincidere ai musicisti tutte le tracce originali e il prodotto finale è qulo che avete fra le mani: L'ultima danza di Ophelia.


Magia Nera was founded in the late '60s around La Spezia: the band shows since the beginning a clear inspiration dark progressive rock. The original line-up includes musicians from different local bands: the first nucleus of the group was called La Nuova Esperienza, says Bruno Cencetti, and besides me on guitar there were Andrea Bottazzi on bass and Piero Figoli on drums, who soon abandoned the group. It was he, really big fan of alchemy and esoteric cultures, to coin the final name of the group. In 1969 kicks off the adventure of Magia Nera. The years of the economic boom, says Emilio Farro, were the decade dominated by the beat. When the band was born that cycle was closing, and the sounds were taking a completely different direction. The England, as always, marked the new route. came the Led Zeppelin, the cream or the black sabbath that blows of watts and solos supplanted cadenced rhythms and reassuring and carefree atmosphere of that season.  Without these sounds, Magia Nera project would never have existed.

Because it is right in the beat and psychedelia of the late '60s, that future members of the band will make the bones, playing in some emerging formations like Rogers from Sarzana, where debuted the young keyboardist Orazio Collotto, and Sea Birds from Tellaro, which debuted vocalist Emilio Farro. In concerts they proposed mainly covers of American and British songs. The groups used it to acquire a sonic vocabulary, different and original than the Italian music scene, especially the musical tradition anchored in Sanremo harmonies.Thanks to those experiences, and influenced by the new rock, granite and melodic at the same time, it builds the style of Magia Nera. The group was made up of young talented musicians, remembers Emilio Farro, who began to explore new musical languages, relying on medieval and gothic literary suggestions. We met for rehearsals, in a small house in the village of Cerri, a tiny village inhabited by a hundred souls, above Lerici. In repertory, we had several songs of our target groups, such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. After a year, keyboardist Giacomo Giannotti (later associate of Vasco Rossi and Alberto Fortis) left the band and went Orazio Collotto. In 1971, with the arrival of bassist Lello Accardo (coming from Enigma), it will complete the historical formation. In 1972 participation in the FreeFestival Pop in Bottagna earned the group a certain popularity thanks to the positive report published in the music magazine Ciao 2001 and the response of the public that elected them best band of the festival.To hit those thousands of kids was probably the sonic impact of a band, able to mix the harsh distorted, impetous guitars, in phrasing and inspired atmosphere, supported by a black voice (with soul veins) of the frontman Farro. In 1973, the band was chosen by Genovese musician Aldo De Scalzi, for the recording of an album under his newly record label Magma. In addition, he was planning a tour around Italy as the opening act of the New Trolls. We recorded a demo with songs for a whole LP, says Emilio Farro, and when we started to deliver it to the record company, during the journey the van caught fire unexpectedly, destroying all analog tapes.  A cruel sign of destiny that discouraged to the point of deciding to break up the band. That day the dream of Magia Nera stopped, but not disappeared completely. After so many years, I finally managed to bring together almost all the original musicians of the band, and today, thanks to the enthusiasm of our producer Giorgio Mangora, using the scores of the time we finally made our record.




Il passo del lupo

La strega del lago

La tredicesima luna

Suite: Dieci movimenti in cinque tracce

-       Traccia 1: Movimento uno

-       Traccia 2: Movimenti due, tre, quattro

-       Traccia 3: Movimenti cinque, sei

-       Traccia 4: Movimentisette, ottobre Traccia 5: Movimenti nove, dieci




Emilio Farro: Vocals

Pino Fontana: Drums

Lello Accardo: Bass

Andrea Foce: Keyboards

Bruno Cencetti: Electric Guitar


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Artista Magia nera
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