Mathematical Mother

Universal Totem Orchestra
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Universal Totem Orchestra - Mathematical Mother

Mathematical Mother

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Universal Totem Orchestra is the next step for UTO G. Golin and Giuseppe Buttiglione after they departed another zeuhl band Runaway Totem. Univeral Totem Orchestra is one of the most interesting and original zeuhl bands.

Their music is challenging, complicated and very elaborated and even tad inventive but really enthralling and emotional.

While U.T.O. music is firmly under zeuhl tag, there are some other influences here to found, some old italian prog school, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and especially Area. Also there are some range from gothic side, dark moody arrangements, gregorian choirs, operatic vocals with the incredible Ana Torres soprano voice.

Dissonant Avant-Prog passages with complex guitar breaks and deep grooves are blended with Classical sections, often with great piano work and huge symphonic themes with dominant organ and synth parts. Rhytmic session is top notch.

This is the third album after “Rituale Alieno” (1998) and “The Magus” (2006)

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Artista Universal Totem Orchestra
Catalogo BWR 198-2
Etichetta Black Widow (BWR)
Formato CD
Anno 2017